Berlin Rebel High School

Cinema Documentary, 90min, Germany 2016

Production: DOKWERK filmkooperative
Director: Alexander Kleider
Distribution: Neue Visionen

Studio Mitte was responsible for all post-production aspects.
Mixing: Jörg Höhne, Sound Design: Karl Gerhard, Post-production Coordination: Ute Aichele, Color Grading, DCP-generation, Colorist: Christine Hiam, Sounddesign: Daniel Piechotka, Technical Support: Jens Vormann, Steffen Görner

About the film: Hidden away in a Berlin backyard is the whackiest school in Germany. No head teacher, no grades, no prefects. This school is governed by the students themselves. They pay their teachers themselves and decide what they want to study on the basis of democratic voting. It sounds like a quirky utopia – but this dream has been reality for forty years. BERLIN REBEL HIGH SCHOOL is the first time this fascinating project has been filmed. The film follows four students who have one thing in common: they come from the most diverse areas of Germany and have all dropped out of schools several times. Intrigued by a school with no bullying or pressure to perform, they’re determined to turn their lives around. They want to get the highest school-leaving standard possible – the university entrance exam. They have three years to fashion for themselves a new way of learning.

BERLIN REBEL HIGH SCHOOL gives a glimpse into a radically different system of education and offers up hope – the at times shocking school biographies of the students don’t just show the weak points of our education system, but also the chance to overcome them.

“BERLIN REBEL HIGH SCHOOL”  launched across Germany with 40 copies in cinemas.

Alexander Kleider’s documentary film has had a successful start in an array of festivals (winning the audience prize at the Austin Film Festival and in competition at the Munich and Schwerin Film Festivals) and was nominated for the German Film Awards for Best Documentary.