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    Color Grading

    Our color-grading department has three set-ups available for cinema and TV productions, commercials, documentaries and web-related projects: our large grading cinema, the small grading-for-cinema suite and an atelier for television grading. The projects are all overseen by our in-house Digital Imaging supervisor. We set the highest value on client support, efficient workflows and measurement technology engineered and calibrated to current standards. Read more

    Our colors are enhanced using the Da Vinci Resolve 2K and 4K Grading systems and DCI (Digital Color Imaging)-compliant cinema projection technology on a 5.30-meter wide big screen. Calibrated screen-feeds via DCP (Digital Cinema Package), HDCAM SR, BluRay and others are also available for color testing, reduction and removal. Audio reproduction and playback is possible on calibrated cinematic sound systems up to 7.1.