In our cinema-standard mixing studio, we realize projects of all sizes and sound formats for the German and international market – feature film productions, arthouse and documentary films for cinema, TV movies, cinema commercials and multi-channel installations. Read more

    In 2016 Studio Mitte was fully fitted out with Dolby Atmos, and now counts as one of the technological leaders among German studios.

    Activities and technical capacities: coordination and artistic guidance and support for cinema productions, plus mixing for cinema and television using Dolby Atmos 7.1, 5.1, Stereo, Dolby SR-D and Dolby E.

    Other programs: ProTools HD, Steinberg Nuendo and Pyramix Systeme.

    Mixing desk: Euphonix MC5 mixing desk system with 32-channel monitor controller for Dolby Atmos productions, NC900C, full-screen width DCI cinema projector (5.30 meters)