„The Cleaners“ ist…Talk of Sundance!

Ausverkaufte Screenings, lange und intensive Q&A’s:  „The Cleaners“ hat auf dem Sundance Film Festival für mächtig Aufsehen gesorgt.

Und das schreibt die amerikanische Presse:

“The Cleaners is a riveting documentary about how social media might be ruining the world.” (The Verge)

“Smart, stylish doc exposes must-discuss issues regarding the companies who dominate the internet.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

“The Cleaners offers an intelligent, thought-provoking insight into the global impact of the major social media companies through the testimony of five content moderators responsible for monitoring what is considered legal, decent and acceptable. It is the starting point for a wide-ranging examination of complex issues surrounding freedom of speech, censorship and corporate responsibility.” (Screen International)

„Disturbing on several levels, a behind the scenes look at the anonymous toilers who do digital cleaning, policing the internet for violence, child pornography and more.” (Los Angeles Times)

“A timely film, capable of sparking vigorous debate, The Cleaners should secure multiple likes, comments and desires to share following its World Cinema Documentary competition berth at Sundance.” (Screen International)