We hold the line: Premiere und Preis

Der neue Dokumentarfilm von Marc Wiese, produziert von Oliver Stoltz/ Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion, feiert auf dem International Film Festival CPH:DOX Copenhagen 2020 seine Weltpremiere. Dort gewinnt WE HOLD THE LINE den CPH:DOX F:act Award.

Jury statement of CPH:DOX F:act Award jury:

“The CPH:DOX F:act Award goes to the film depicting dark, troubling events in a skillful yet measured way, smartly focusing on just the right situations while employing a precise cinematic language. One that for all the portrayed hardships still manages to transform into a story about the unbreakable human spirit, providing the kind of narrative, and everyday heroes hell-bent on unearthing the truth, that we all desperately need right now. Making the voices of those fighting for the freedom of speech sound loud and clear, giving us hope for the future.”