Feature Film, 100 min, Germany 2017

Production: Akzente Film & Fernsehproduktion in co-production with Constantin Film and Sima Film
Producer: Susanne Freyer
Executive Producer: Martin Moszkowicz, Oliver Berben
Director: Ute Wieland
Cinematography: Felix Cramer

Studio Mitte: Postproduction: Editing- and Colorgrading-Facilities, 2K-Mastering, Deliveries
Inhouse Producer: Ute Aichele, Technical Support: Jens Vormann, Steffen Görner, Colourist: Claudia Gittel, Editing Assistent: Martin Bomke, Effects: Meike Körner

About the film: Nini (Flora Li Thiemann) and Jameelah (Emily Kusche), both 14 years old,  have already dived in to the big pool of life. Nini is German, her friend Jameelah with the Iraqi passport is burning with desire to become one. They are inseparable and invincible, go to school together, are on and off rebels and mix their favorite drink in recess in the school bathroom: TIGERMILCH! engl: Tiger Milk- a delicious mix out of milk, passion fruit juice and Mariacron brandy. In the next weeks there will be a decision for Jameelah and her mother’s (Narges Rashidi) petition for naturalization. But right now it’s summer in Berlin and summer break is near. The girls wander the streets of Berlin, fall in love in the local outdoor swimming pool and play around with word combinations full of sexual implications. “It” should happen this summer and the girlfriends visit the Berlin streets where the “professionals” work and try to get some insight on lovemaking. During one of their nightly explorations they witness a murder on the neighbor hood playground and suddenly everything comes to a halt- their plans, their future, their life.

“Tigermilch” was shown in German cinemas  starting August 17th, 2017, distributed by Constantin Film.