Kino-Spielfilm, 90min, 5.1 Tonmischung, DCP Cinemascope, Deutschland/Großbritannien, 2015

Produktion: Time on Earth Production
Regie: Werner Schuhmann
Besetzung: Tomas Spencer, Denis Lyons, Nora Huetz u.a.
Studio Mitte: Video- und Audiopostproduktion, Inhouse Producer: Ute Aichele, technischer Support: Steffen Görner,  SFX Design: Meike Körner, Color Grading: Petra Gescher, Mischung: Jörg Höhne, Sounddesign: Sven Serfling, Aufnahmetonmeister: Daniel Piechotka, Geräuschemacher: Günther Röhn

Alex Kusmin, a hitman working for the russian mafia has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer when his boss, Nicolas Maximov, sends him to Berlin, to pick up a watch, that Juri Gagarin wore on his first flight to outer space. Alex´ in Berlin living cousin Viktor, shall assist him. Alex decides to do at least one good deed before he dies by saving Viktor´s latest victim Tanja, who just arrived from the Ukraine, dreaming of a model career. This is the start of a pursuit crosstown Berlin. When the hitman finally fulfills his mission and passes Gagarin´s watch to his boss, Maximov kills Alex instead of showing gratitude. A surprise? Not for Alex! He always knew that this would be the consequence of the mess he left behind in Berlin.